Plowing Contest

I attended my first ALHFAM plowing contest this year, and what a contest it was!! Here our our happy winners with their colorful ribbons:Novice Category Winners:
1st place: Nat Norwood
2nd place: Betsy McCabe
3rd place: Deb Arenz
4th place: Sarah Litvin
5th place: Kristyn Watts
6th place: Lauren Muney

Advanced Category Winners:
1st place: John Kuester
2nd place: Chet Tomlinson
3rd place: Rhys Simmons
4th place: Larry Kidder
5th place: Duane Smith
6th place: Todd Price

– Heidi Glatfelter


About marketearlyamerica

I am a non-profit marketing expert with over 11 years in the field and experience with multiple organizations. I have a passion for historic America and hope to help the folks running our historic homes and living history museums to make the money and attract the attention they need to care for and restore these national gems.
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2 Responses to Plowing Contest

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Heidi,

    I’d love a copy of this picture. Is there any chance you could e-mail it to me?

    Thanks so much for taking it!!


    • Derrick says:

      Sarah, you should be able to “right click”/”save” on the image to download it at home. If the image size is too small to work for you, let Heidi know!

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