Only at an ALHFAM Auction…

A Flock of GCVM MALHFAM Chicks

Some of the more unusual items to be had are at an ALHFAM Auction – live or silent.  Yeah- textile chickens, cheese, preserves, maple syrup, books on obscure topics, beverages, textile items,  an oak beer barrel (empty) and- wait for it- a jar of goose fat!

Everything for the Historically Conscious

Did you enjoy the ALHFAM-L discussion about cooking a goose? Looks like there was a by-product.


About boardk

Principal for The Cherry Valley Group. Performer with First Frost Traditions. Editor of The ALHFAM Bulletin. Instructor for the Cooperstown Graduate Program in History Museum Studies. Director of Music for First Presbyterian Church, Cooperstown, NY. Moderator for the Presbytery of Utica.
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One Response to Only at an ALHFAM Auction…

  1. boardk says:

    The goose fat brought a pretty penny. I got a nice hand-knit Spring hat. Thanks, Jeanne!

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