Opening reception

After a long day of workshops for some, and strategic planning by the Board, we all attended a very well laid out opening reception.   Our host, Ian Beard, did a great job in making sure there was plenty to eat and drink!

house tours

downtown dichotomy

mood music

the spread

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4 Responses to Opening reception

  1. boardk says:

    Nice idea with the blog! How can we post material next week during the Mid-Atlantic meeting?

  2. Carol Lopez says:

    Love the blog! We must do this for the Annual meeting as well. I’m glad to hear the board is doing strategic planning. It’s a lot of work but with the right facilitator it can be so worthwhile. Thank you for undertaking the challenge!

    • alhfam says:

      Thanks Carol! Not only will we do it for the annual meeting, but it looks like we have a volunteer to work the blog at the upcoming Mid Atlantic regional as well!

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