Live blogging the Southeast and Mountain Plains Regional meeting

Stand by for updates from the regional meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas!

9:15 – Board meeting just starting, going around the table and catching up on board member activity.  Meeting in the wonderful Old State House museum – great place!  Facilitator Mike Krug gearing us up for another productive day of strategic planning.

Bruce and Pete

Facilitator Mike Krug

David and Deb
OK… catch up time over, now it’s time for work!  Updates as they come.
The Board has broken out into committees, and the work begins.  Once again, I am constantly impressed with our facilitator Mike Krug, he’s quite outstanding!
12:10 – time for a quick lunch break – Mike is working us all over, challenging our concepts and the direction the various committees are moving towards.  The end result will (hopefully) be an organization that is more accessible to its members, more responsive to training and educational needs, and more relevant in the museum community as a whole.
At the end of a long day of strategic planning, I believe the Board finished up with a clear set of goals and objectives – all geared towards ensuring we deliver a quality product to our membership!  More information will be coming forward soon!
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3 Responses to Live blogging the Southeast and Mountain Plains Regional meeting

  1. Team 3 says:

    Re-fueled and ready to get back to work.

  2. Good work, folks. What’s up with sustaining and increasing membership as goals/objectives?

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